Seminar of Traditional Greek Dances of the Islands and Asia-Minor
Stage de Danses Traditionnelles des Iles et d'Asie-Mineure
Seminario di Danze Tradizionali delle Isole Greche e dell’Asia Minore
Seminar Traditionelle griechische Tänze : Inseltänze, Tänze aus Kleinasien

Wednesday 24 July 2024



IKARIADANCE Project 2024

 Greek traditional dance & culture

23 - 30 August, 2024: IKARIA




Dance culture workshops with :

Christiana KATSAROU (Ikaria)

Christos THEOLOGOS (Asia Minor)


Efthymios EVANGELOU (Samos)

Vangelis TSAROUCHAS(Cyclades)

Stefanos KYRIAZAKOS (Rhodes)


Ikaria is an island of the East Aegean Sea near the islands Samos, Chios, Mykonos. An island of a unique nature, a fascinating history and living traditions to explore.

The traditional local feasts (“paniyiria”), involve in a remarkable way all generations and still remain the centre of the social and cultural life in Ikaria. Recent research on the high longevity rates of the island (Blue Zones) reveals to the rest of the world what all Ikarians have known for centuries: music, dance and life with strong family and community bonds help you enjoy real life and live longer… IKARIADANCE project aims to connect dance friends from all around the world with the Ikarian values of dance and feast culture.

Our Project in Ikaria is a not for profit project that helps the promotion of the local cultural heritage, cultural tourism as well as important intercultural values based on folk culture experiential learning. For more information about the concept and philosophy of our innovative Project which has been running since 2004, you can read the interview by Christiana Katsarou, the Project's coordinator to

General Program including:

  • Dance workshops: 4 hours/ day

  • Culture workshop: optional workshop with traditional songs, percussion and rhythms, history –ethnography and folk traditions presentations and discussions.

  • Excursions to local feasts “paniyiria”

  • Music and dance evenings with local musicians

  • Workshop of Greek Language (Greek Language Café) –  levels of beginners and advanced (optional - free of charge)

Contact :

Ikaria – Holidays Cultural Projects


Traveling information:

Flights to Athens, Mykonos or Samos:

Ferry from Pireus port

IkariaDance friends Blog:



IkariaDance Project 2024

23 - 30 AOUT, 2024: IKARIA


avec la participation de:

Christiana KATSAROU (Ikaria)

Christos THEOLOGOS (Asie Mineure)

Efthymios EVANGELOU (Samos)

Yannis PLAGIOTAKIS  (Crete)

Vangelis TSAROUCHAS (Cyclades)



Contact pour plus d' infos:

Ikaria – Holidays : Projets de tourisme culturel

Coordonatrice: Mme Christiana Katsarou

E-mail :


Infos actuelles sur les conditions de voyage:





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